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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book you?
We require a retainer and a signed contract. The remaining balance is due on the wedding day when we arrive.

Do you charge tax?
Yes, we do. We are a registered business and we are required to charge taxes.

Can you hold our date?
We work on a first come first serve basis. The first deposit we receive, reserves the date.

Do you charge for travel?
We generally don’t charge for travel around the GTA. When we travel outside of the GTA, there are costs that we incur such as fuel and accommodations. Travel charges vary depending on your location.

What kind of gear do you use?
We use ONLY professional equipment. We shoot with industry leading professional full-frame digital Canon cameras. Our lens line-up is comprised of a variety of L-lenses which are the best lenses available. For lighting, we use multiple Canon 580EX II speedlite units both on and off camera with several types of light modifiers. Should your event require studio lighting, we use top of the line Elinchrom studio strobes. – We always have backup cameras, lenses and flashes to guard against any unexpected accident.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are.

What types of books/albums do you offer?
We offer coffee table books and 2 different gorgeous flush mount albums. There are several cover options available for each.

What is the difference between your Professional Prints and prints from a consumer outlet such as Walmart Photo Centre?
The difference is BIG! First off, before we even get to the printing process – We even further enhance all of our prints. We remove blemishes, wrinkles, pimples and whiten teeth and add skin smoothening. We also remove objects from the photo that we feel shouldn’t be there. NOTE: We do all of this very tastefully. The final photo looks natural and unless you have seen the original, you shouldn’t notice the edits.

The quality of a pro print is unmatched by consumer level printers. To keep this simple and not too technical, we will talk about the end results. Most consumer labs typically deliver inconsistent, dark and often oversaturated prints. The employees behind the printing machinery are usually students paid minimum wage to be there who have little to no experience when it comes to professional printing.

Our prints are consistent with good color and tone. They always look the way we expect them to because we work with a PRO LAB. We work on a calibrated system. Our editing studio is just as high-tech as the equipment we bring to your wedding/event.

How early in my wedding planning process do I need to book your services?
Brides usually book our services about 8-15 months in advance of their wedding date. It is important that (if we have your date available still) you book with us promptly because dates really do book up fast in the wedding industry – a date available today might not be tomorrow – Yes, things happen that fast!

Do I need to provide a meal at the wedding reception?
Generally, weddings are event-packed days and don’t leave a lot of time to stop for lunch or dinner. Most photographers (including ourselves) appreciate a meal if they are working a full day at your wedding. It’s best if our meal is served at the same time as the guests, the DJ or band, therefore we will be sure not to miss important events that may occur right after dinner.

Will our family and friends be able to take pictures at the wedding?
No doubt your friends and family are excited to attend your wedding and will want to take pictures too.
At the same time, you don’t want your guests to block us or somehow prevent us from capturing an image. For example, a guest who steps out into the aisle during the ceremony to get a picture may be visible in that priceless photo of your dad walking you down the aisle. Or, by taking pictures along with us during the formal-portrait session, a picture-taking guest may cause you or others in the shot to look away from us and toward the camera of a guest. This will slow down the picture-taking process considerably. But as long as your guests do not impact our job, there should be no issue with them taking pictures at your wedding.

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